Meet Pando!

A Rad Panda

Pando comes from the Latin: I Spread. 

Like the “Trembling Giant” tree of the same name, thought to be one of the oldest and largest living beings on Earth, Pando strives to grow and integrate new knowledge every day. Even a forest that has stood for tens of thousands of years must be constantly evolving– laying down new roots and burning away what no longer serves in an ongoing process of transformational growth. 


Meet Pando’s Human(s)!


Casey is a freelance designer and jack-of-many-trades living in Columbus, Ohio. 

From early childhood, Casey has been playing with art and technology to see what new and interesting things they can do. Casey is passionate about learning new skills whenever possible, and putting those skills to work to serve their communities.  When not working, Casey enjoys traveling, facilitating performance & workshops, dancing, and devouring stories in all forms.


John is an Ohio-born artist with a BFA in illustration from the Columbus College of Art & Design.

You can find examples of John’s work here